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2021 Sue Pritchard’s memorial gate…

Sue and her parents Eileen and Tom Honey.

Sue Pritchard has donated a very lovely gate to Girvan Men’s Shed in honour of her mum and dad Eileen and Tom Honey. The gate enhances the aspect of the garden area which she has worked so hard to create.

Tom was born in 1924 and Eileen in 1929. They were both born and brought up at St. Ives in Cornwall. They were married in 1952 and had three children; Susan Yvonne and Mark.Tom was a well known businessman in St.Ives. He worked in the family’s retail business, managing the shop while his brother and father ran the knitting factory.

Tom was the founding member of the St. Ives table tennis club. He became well known in the Cornwall Tennis Association  as a very good organiser and was asked to be secretary. Tom also had a life long love of music especially Jazz and  played the drums in a band.

Eileen and Tom moved to Girvan in 1989 to be near their daughter Yvonne. They loved it here and took delight in their grandchildren Jonathan and Claire. Tom and Eileen soon joined the North Parish church where they were involved with the distribution of the parish magazines. Tom was very proud to be invited to become an Elder.

Tom was in failing health in his last years and became housebound. He died in 2017. I  (Susan) came up from Kent to help care for Eileen In 2018, very sadly Eileen and Yvonne died in 2020. Fortunately I had joined the men-shed and was involved with the garden project. The football club wanted a gate and we had the idea of getting one and dedicating it to Mum and Dad. The gate was designed by The gate man with input by me, hence the daffodils which remind me of Cornwall where they are grown commercially.

Earlier on this year to celebrate her 21 ish birthday, I uploaded a movie of some family photo’s. Please enjoy