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Peggy Sue#5

Hi AllIt’s me again, Peggy. I spent time last weekend up in the hills with Geoff and Emma. Its great I can rampage as much as I like without mummy saying “ no rampaging Peggy”.… Read More »Peggy Sue#5

Peggy Sue#4

A few weeks ago I had observed silly mummy throw my tennis ball into a bush, she was a little too enthusiastic with the ball thrower.I refused to retrieve it as I was a little… Read More »Peggy Sue#4

Peggy Sue#3

The other day me and mummy were on the beach playing with the ball and I was watching the sand blow about, it’s very fascinating to watch, I just love being on the beach, mummy… Read More »Peggy Sue#3

Peggy Sue #2

Here I am at Girvan Football ground. I am just waiting patiently for some human to kick the ball. Hopefully they will stop talking and kick the ball soon. Later on Mummy and I went… Read More »Peggy Sue #2

Peggy Sue#1

Hi my name is Peggy and my mummy is called Sue so we have decided to call my blog Peggy Sue. I was born on the 2nd of November 2021 so I’m still only a… Read More »Peggy Sue#1

2021 July Girvan men's shed gardens

2021-July – in the garden..

It’s been very hot this last week. Plants are very thirsty and need watering. Got some nice photos and I hope you enjoy them. The sunflowers are getting closer to flowering.

2021 June 21st – A walk in the garden…

Went for a walk around the Girvan Men’s Shed garden. The “Welcome ” barrels look lovel. Lots of work have been done and lots more to be done. Any volunteers would be welcome.