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Covid 19, the multi organ killer…

I have now decided to start putting some Corona virus 19 data on the men’s shed site. We have all the information to stay safe to protect ourselves and others but their are numpties in our society who don’t give a *****. If you came across any information that you would like to share then please email me and I will add it to the blog…

A) The Lancet

  1. ” There is increasing recognition of a prothrombotic state in COVID-19. Research published in EClinicalMedicine presents a COVID-19 autopsy series including findings in lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and bone, from a New York academic medical centre. Among the seven COVID-19 autopsies, thrombosis was found to be a prominent feature in multiple organs, in some cases despite full anticoagulation and regardless of the timing of the disease course, suggesting that thrombosis may be involved very early in the disease process. The finding of megakaryocytes and platelet-rich thrombi in the lungs, heart and kidneys further suggests a role in thrombosis…..”

In other words it causes clotting throughout the body

2. It can cause nerulogical problems in some people who have had the illness.

B) Various sources are predicting a more deadlier second wave in the winter.