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National Museum of Scotland Dinosaur Exhibition..

A long long time ago (it now seems like that, but in reality the beginning of March 2020) where you were able to move freely and go anywhere you want we stayed in Edinburgh for a few days,
We went to the National museum of Scotland and spent most of the time in the older Victorian part of the museum (and not the newer carbuncle).
The dinosaur exhibition was money well spent, children of all ages thoroughly enjoyed what was on display.
Here are some movies, they honestly do not capture the atmosphere, you had to be there to live the experience.

Movie 1: ” Them bones, them bones them dry bones”

Standing beside these giant creatures ( I am 6ft tall) puts it into perspective what our ancestors must have felt.

Movie 2: The Beatles hair style and they walk among us…

You will see what I mean about the Beatles hairstyles. Who do you think, John, Paul, George or Ringo.
We spent a lot of time at the interactivity part, sadly some of the movies didn’t turn out.

Movie3: Beatles again plus dinosaur rampage outside the museum…

Thoroughly recommend the National museum of Scotland to Scots or any overseas visitors…