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Peggy Sue #6

Greetings everyone.

I have been going to training classes with mummy and Emma on Thursdays. It is fun and I get to meet other puppy’s,  It can be a little frustrating though because we are not allowed  to run around and play! I would love that, but mummy and Emma says “ you are here to learn Peggy”.

he other puppy’s are at times a bit annoying, they don’t listen to our teacher and some of them are very noisy but that has its upside because when one is barking we are all given a cong ( a plastic toy container with treats inside, so I don’t really mind a bit of disruption.  There are no photos so you have to accept my bark that I am top of the class and definitely the best dog in class. Mummy says that it has made a difference to my behaviour, (I still don’t always listen to her though. I know that she thinks I can do no wrong, she will love me anyway.

Training wears me out and I have to have a sleep when I get home. Here I am on the settee.   Can you see that I have yet another new collar? Back to blue again. I’m actually quite happy as I have had blue collars since I was a wee pup.
Here is a video to prove that point. I’m playing with mummy up at the football ground.

Wasn’t I the cutest small puppy you have ever seen? I’m sure you will agree.